Straight Talk has maintained a relationship with Compassion Canada since the spring of 1999. We see our partnership with Compassion as a practical way to help fulfill Jesus’ command to care for the poor.

Randy, Donna and their family sponsorĀ four Compassion children in third world countries and in the fall of 2001 they got to meet the two kids they sponsor in Haiti

“If you had seen what we have seen I know you to would be passionate about seeing kids get sponsored because for $41 a month you can give hope! Hope for here and now, but more importantly, the hope that Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago to bring; hope of a relationship with God now and a forever with Him.” -Randy Carter

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After trying a number of times to get back to Haiti, to visit their children again, they were finally able to return in 2010. Their plane landed at 3:45pm January 12. One hour later an earthquake took place that devastated Port au Prince.

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