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Every year Straight Talk impacts thousands of students and adults. This would be impossible without the support of our partners.

A Partnership that Changes Lives:

“I have been having a hard time dealing with a ‘storm’ in my life right now and some of the stuff you said really helped me deal with it”
-Jr. High Student

“I’m the one that you talked to and I said I became a Christian last year at May Camp. I think you are the best speaker. God just totally spoke through you.”
-Sr. High Student

“It’s like you helped me to open the window to my dark room of unforgiveness and shine light inside! Thank you! I’m so glad that God brought you into my life because you see a side of God I haven’t seen!”

Straight Talk Ministries…

  • Committed to delivering quality ministry to groups regardless of size or financial resources.
  • Our effectiveness is dependent on an army of partners who pray regularly and aggressively.
  • Financial records are independently reviewed annually. Reviewed financial statements are made available to our partners upon request.
  • 65% of our budget is made up of private donations.

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